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hi, we are a Cobogó

We´re a Public Relations Agency created to serve the Inventive professionals and brands and the Creative Industries. We are specialized in creating communication of brands, companies and people. We are also passionate about Art, Architecture, Design and Photography - for everything that makes the world go round different! Our mission is spread the good news of these segments.
And why Cobogó? Our name is a tribute to the Brazilian creative thinking. The Cobogó - typical construction element of our architecture and which we can find in many modern and contemporary buildings - is the result of this creativity. It was a solution created in Recife by Amadeu Oliveira COimbra, Ernest August BOeckmann and Antonio GOis and are perfectly suited to our climate: provide light and ventilation to the interior of our buildings. Stories like this that we are proud to disclose.

who does

Livia Esteves
Journalist graduated at Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP, 2007), operates in the area of Communication and Public Relations for 11 years. Studied Business Communication at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) and has a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management in Business Communication and Public Relations at Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Has a large experience in serve clients of architecture and design, industry and education. In this years working at the area has made relationship trips to the United States, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia and Angola to make a more closely relationship with the press of this countries.

Pedro Henrique Scabim
Degree in Journalism at Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP, 2007) and a graduate degree in Management of Organizational Communication and Public Relations from Universidade de São Paulo (USP, 2014). Pedro love´s the Brazilian creativity since 2008, when met and work for the first time with a creative company. Has a large experience to serve important brands and companies at Fashion, Architecture and Design and at the Retail areas. 

Flávio Junqueira
Graduated in Journalism at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Flavio has an experience as public relations since 2014, and is a social media analyst with a course made at SENAC. Has already served many clients in the architecture and design area, as Emporium Beraldin, Valcucine, ATEC, Duravit and Iná Architecture office. 

what we do

We believe in the relationship with the press as a strategic tool to present stories, products and services of brands, people and companies. The exposure generated from this relationship is essential for arising opportunities for new partnerships and business and also appropriate brand positioning in the market. In this service are included Planning; Media Map; Content Creation; Content Disclosure for Mailings; International Disclosure; Monitoring; Clipping and Reports.


Internal Communication actions help on the dissemination of company culture (mission, vision and values​​) for the internal public. Actions in this direction bring administrative, marketing and financial gains for the organization. We diagnostics the gaps on communication through interviews to identify the communication scenario of the company; reports with recommendations and we prepare contents for internal medias too (newsletters, press releases and another materials).


A Public Relation Agency should offer Relationship with different stakeholders of companies. We are proactive to improve your communication and relationship with opinion leaders, customers, suppliers, community and prospects. We deliver at this service Support for marketing activities; Suggestions of partnerships with other companies and professionals and the Intermediation and support for the company's relationship with your stakeholders.


In times when the information sources, your audience - and you too – constant access unconventional vehicles to inform and form opinion. In postmodernity, organizations also speak with their audiences through different channels, such as blogs and other social medias. Do not be dumb. In this service are included Competitor Analysis in Social Media; Planning of Social Media; Relationship with Blogs and other medias; Content Development and Metrics reports. 

stay connected

We are at Jardins neighborhood, a creative epicenter in one of the most creative cities in the world. From here we share the good news of the whole Brazil for the world.

Alameda Jaú, 1533 - Conjunto 2 • São Paulo – SP • CEP: 01420-005 • 11 2776 - 0230

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